Safe Outdoor Parties with New Covid-19 Regulations in BC

We don't know about you....but, we are feeling very hopeful about the most recent Covid-19 update from Dr. Bonny Henry earlier this month. With her latest update, rules for gathering's have been adjusted to 10 people in outdoor settings. This means more time that we can spend with our families and loved ones, all while socially distancing outdoors this Spring!

Small gatherings have always been special, and now that we've been without them, that feeling of special-ness will be so much more pronounced. We know you are dreaming about how to make a small backyard party or picnic in the park extra special, since it has been so long since we've enjoyed some face to face company, so we thought we'd help with some stylish and delicious dessert inspiration:



Our Mini Dessert Boxes are the perfect individual option for your family and friends! If you want to ensure each person has their own little personalized box of treats.



We are hopeful that the Covid-19 restrictions will continue to lift. In the meantime, lets get back to making our celebrations joy-filled and happy!

Trove Dessert Boxes are perfect to add to intimate 10 person gatherings for life's special events including:

  • Birthday's
  • Anniversaries
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties
  • Intimate Weddings
  • Retirement Party's
  • Baby Showers
  • Team Party's


.....the list goes on.


Let's safely get back to celebrating life together, and remember to respect restrictions while they are in place. 



March 17, 2021 — Trove Desserts

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