Trove Desserts Mother's Day Bundle including Vancouver's Trove dessert box, Fort Langley's Floralista bouquet, New Westminster's greeting card, and Okanagan's Haywire Sparkling RoseTrove Desserts Large Mother's Day  assorted grazing dessert box with a bottle of Okanagan Crushpad's Haywire The Bub Sparkling WineTrove Desserts grazing assorted dessert boxes for Mother's Day with raspberry nanaimo bars, flowers, earl grey and orange bar, lemon crinkle cookies, and a custom hand stamped sugar cookieTrove Desserts handmade Cadbury chocolate mini egg cheesecake for easter dessertsTrove Desserts Spring Signature dessert display with flowers, a pink cake stand, a bottle of French pink lemonade, and spring tulip flowersTrove Desserts handmade cappuccino Nanaimo bar made with a shot of Vancouver's JJ bean espresso displayed on a wooden charcuterie boardTrove Desserts mini individual portions of dessert including carrot cake, lemon tart, coconut oatmeal cookie, fudge brownie, nanaimo bar, chocolate covered pretzel, grapes and flowers
Trove Desserts handmade three layer cookies and cream brownie with fudge brownie layer, oreo buttercream, chocolate ganache, and topped with Oreo cookieTrove Desserts handmade Chocolate Raspberry Mouse Cake, made with soft chocolate cake layer, dark chocolate mousse, raspberry jam, and topped with dark chocolate ganacheTrove Desserts stack of handmade Coconut Oatmeal Cookies on a bed of coconutHand holding a stack of three Trove Desserts Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies filled with cream cheese buttercream for Valentine's DayTrove Desserts handmade charcuterie grazing style dessert display including fudge brownie, turtle cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies, nanaimo bars, and pomegranateTrove Desserts co-founder dressed in all white monochrome outfit holding a heart cut-out shaped raspberry jam linzer sandwhich cookieTrove Desserts charcuterie grazing style heart shaped dessert display with all red and pink themed desserts for Valentine's Day. Including swiss mocha rolls, red velvet sandwich cookies, wildberry cupcakes, raspberry Nanaimo bars, cookies and cream brownies, chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries. Vancouver's Trove Desserts handmade famous chocolate fudge brownie dessert displayStack of Trove Desserts famous hand made Raspberry Nanaimo Bars with fresh raspberries surroundingGrazing Dessert Chacuterie style Trove Desserts display with handmade chocolate caramel Turtle Cookies, Fudge Brownies, Nanaimo Bars, and Chocolate Crinkle CookiesTrove Desserts Sweetheart Bundle including a mini grazing style dessert box for Valentine's day in pink and red theme and a 375mL bottle of Okanagan Crushpad's Haywire Baby Bub Sparkling Rose pictured with scattered rose petalsTrove Desserts handmade red velvet stuffed cookies with cream cheese icing and decorated with white chocolate drizzled on topTrove Desserts Chrismas Dessert display with crystal cake stand filled with handmade seasonal desserts from Trove and a linen white napkin and Christmas glitter red and gold bobblesUp close shot of Trove Desserts handmade chocolate and caramel turtle cookie with pecans and chocolate drizzleTrove Desserts Large Christmas Dessert Box with an assorted selection of seasonal holiday treats with a hand picking up a heart shaped linzer cookie out of the boxTrove Desserts assorted Valentine's themed dessert box filled to the brim with pink and red themed treats and a bottle of Okanagan Crushpad's Haywire Baby Bub Sparkling Rose pictured with pink roses