How-to Guide: Mothers Day Garden Party

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be a challenge. Especially given the climate here in Vancouver with the pandemic causing major shutdowns, it’s hard to figure out what to do for mom that will make her feel special!

Given that our Mother’s Day celebrations are going to have to look a bit different… for the second year in a row… we need to get creative. Normally, we would be booking a nice Mother’s Day brunch at a favourite local restaurant or perhaps even reserving a spot for Mother’s Day high tea. Instead, we have set up a Covid friendly Mother’s Day garden party picnic that will make mom feel happy, relaxed, and loved!


4 Steps to Give Your Mama the Perfect Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day picnic was so fun to set up. With a little help from our favourite local businesses, this Mother’s Day tea party is the perfect way to elevate the day! Follow these 4 steps to achieve a safe and fun Mother’s Day picnic.


Step 1: Check the Weather

This might be obvious but check the weather first! Here in Vancouver, there is no guarantee it will be sunny and warm! Adjust as necessary and set up outdoors, under a large tree with a canopy, or on a covered patio.


Step 2: Set the table

Now, depending on if you will be setting up in a backyard or a park might determine if you choose to set up a table or simply lay down a picnic blanket. We set up a table in our parents’ lovely backyard under a beautiful, shaded area.

We had the pleasure of borrowing a table and chair set from a local rental company, Vintage Meant for Rent. This would be the first place we would recommend looking for all things vintage & tea party! Karen, the owner, has such an incredible selection of beautiful tea pots, props, tables, chairs and so much more.

We went with an all-white theme and draped a long tablecloth over the table. Tip: If you don’t have a long tablecloth - use an old sheet that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. We borrowed silverware from Vintage Meant for Rent, and our mum had a gorgeous set of fine china that we used for plates and cups. If you are looking for china, check out Vintage Meant for Rent as she has a huge assortment!


Step 3: Keep the Menu Simple

You don’t need to go overboard on the menu. Pick a few recipes for some small sandwiches, a little appetizer, a bottle of bubbly (or tea if that's preferred), and some dessert (wink wink* – perhaps even a Trove Dessert box?)

We stopped at our local grocery store & deli to make these yummy bites and we recommend you try them – they are delish! We did not include any specific measurements, because we want you to get creative & make your lunch as you like it, but this outline should get you started!


Note: We found the burrata cheese at our local Italian deli, Cioffi's located in Burnaby Heights. We opted for a local brand made here in Osoyoos, BC. If you can't get your hands on buratta, we recommend a soft mozzarella, such as bocconcini which can typically be found at bigger grocery chains.


Note: If you are in the Fort Langley area stop by La Focacceria for some delicious bread. We used the Sage focaccia for these Turkey sandwiches, and they were fantastic!


As a small extra we bought some Fume-eh olives that are absolutely delicious smoked olives, and another local company! Our mama loves these little guys, and they added an extra nice touch.


Step 4: Include a sweet gift

The last step we included after the table and food had been set, was to add a sweet little gift. We included our Trove Desserts Mother’s Day Bundle. This was the perfect addition because it includes a selection of delicious handmade desserts wrapped up in a beautiful box, a gorgeous Floralista flower bouquet to add elegance to the stunning table setting, it includes a bottle of bubbly to save you the trip to the liquor store, and a hand painted card. This bundle really rounded out the Mother’s Day garden party and took everything to the next level!


Have a wonderful Mother's Day! 

Let us know in the comments if you re-created this beautiful day!


Dedicating this Blog Post to our Beautiful Mama.



April 29, 2021 — Trove Desserts

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